The humble Ford Fiesta is considered one of the highly sought after cars in the UK and its latest design are getting a lot of attention among the car enthusiasts which has led to a massive increase in sales. Apart from being Britain’s best-selling car, it has also gained popularity in other neighboring countries. When it comes to super-mini class of affordable cars, this model ranks on the top of the list because of its innovative features. The early models of Fiesta didn’t excel in the market, and they were mainly designed to have a high acceleration rather than comfort or luxury. The current seventh generation models are based on the highest engineering standards, and are guaranteed to give a luxurious experience to the users.

There are around 10 trim levels available in the market for this hatchback, and for a beginner buyer it can be difficult to find a suitable option. In order to make sure that you don’t end up paying for upgrades that are not useful for you, you need to be aware about the basic highlights of each type. If you want to get authentic information about the cheapest cars to run, then you should definitely consider visiting the website of Big Motoring World now.

Style and Zetec are considered some of the most affordable trim levels for first-time buyers because of their basic beta features and simplicity. In some entry-level models you might not even get a built-in DAB radio and you would have to spend additional amount of money for the customizations. In Zetec cars, the users would get Apple CarPlay so that they can easily synchronize the navigation applications on their smartphones with the in-car software. For tech savvy car enthusiasts Titanium X would be great option because of its innovative features and upgrades.