The hard sciences might seem intimidating to some, but the fact remains that they are the only methods that we know of that allow us to discover the true nature of reality. One can argue that physics is the most foundational of these sciences, but we are of the opinion that chemistry might be even more important. Every action that you take part in, every thought that you have and every decision that you make is basically the result of chemical interactions in your brain.

Chemistry is also a really useful thing to know about if you want to optimize Gilbert AZ carpet cleaning to any extent in some way, shape or form. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that you might need to use some chemicals to clean your rug, and suffice it to say that knowing the right pH balance of these chemicals is ideal. If you want to know why balancing the pH of your cleaning fluid is so important for carpet cleaning, just remember that anything that is above or below a pH of 7 can have some caustic qualities.

Hence, if your carpet cleaning solution is too acidic or too alkaline, it won’t just break down dirt particles. Rather, it would also have the exact same effect on your carpet fibers, and you might notice that they would start to fray if you use a non balanced pH level even just one time. Try to get a pH monitor so that you can check your fluid to make sure that it will not damage the rug that you cherish so greatly.