When we were still in high school we’d freak out over delayed periods and pregnancy scares weren’t all that uncommon either. However, once you’re married and are actually trying to conceive, you begin to realize that getting pregnant isn’t all that easy. Very few people get it right in a single try and most have to try for months before the magic finally happens and they’re pregnant. However, with the help of a fertility tracking bracelet, it might be possible to make it easier for couples to conceive.

The AV Fertility Tracking bracelet is much like a fitness tracker in the sense that it wraps around your wrist, collects physiological data and then sends it to your phone. It collects data across all physiological parameters and because of this, you can even use it to track and better understand your menstrual cycle. If you have irregularities with your periods, then you can use this bracelet to understand what your body needs.

The bracelet also monitors your Basal Body Temperature to ascertain when your ovulation cycle is about to start. This is that golden window or fertility where you’re most likely to get pregnant. If you and your partner have plans of getting freaky with the hopes of conceiving, then this is when you want to get to the act. You don’t have to take just our word for how awesome this bracelet is, you can just check out https://checkovulation.com/ava-bracelet-review-my-experience/ and read a detailed review yourself.

We believe that every woman should own one of these simple to use fertility trackers, even if you have no plans on conceiving (this could also help avoid that walk of shame to the pharmacy for a teenage pregnancy test). Your menstrual health is important.