When spending money on a kitchen appliance we usually look at the functions it can perform and we are happy to invest when that single appliance is multifunctional but rice cookers are something that are better off when these are not multifunctional and the only thing they are used is to cook rice, there are several brands out there and even some of the top manufacturers are producing some high quality rice cookers but there is one name which is on top of every list and that is the Japanese brand Zojirushi, Zojirushi rice cookers have been around for a while now and these have always been regarded as top of the line, the steep prices these are available at are somehow justified as well.

Cooking rice for a single meal isn’t that of a hassle but if you are someone who operates on tight schedule yet you love your bowl of rice for dinner then you might be doing meal preps at the weekend, and if that involves cooking rice then you would have to cook a good five or six servings, and store that in the fridge, now that would be a challenge if you don’t have a proper rice cooker, the best zojirushi rice cooker with six or ten cup capacity would be the answer for you in this particular situation as it will easily cook enough rice with great consistency which will you will eat for the rest of the week.

The best thing about these amazing rice cookers is that these are not restricted to just two functions like warm and cook, these are smart machines which let you cook the rice perfectly even if you don’t know how to, it also takes into account human error as well.