While lime is wrongfully perceived by many as an old fashioned building material, it us actually one of the best ones you can use in your construction projects even today. Lime plasters are famous for their breathability, flexibility, less condensation, affordability, ease of use and a few other benefits.

If you’re still split between lime and another plastering material for your construction project, below mentioned are some of the best reasons on why you should choose lime as your go to plastering material.

It Lets Vapors Pass Easily

Lime is an incredibly permeable material. It lets air to easily pass through it, which isn’t possible with other materials like cement and some polymer-based plastering materials.

In a nutshell, lime plaster can let buildings breathe. As a result, whenever there’s moisture building up in a building, it can easily escape. This benefits of using lime plaster allows buildings to retain their structural integrity for a very long time. No matter how those old, lime coated buildings are still standing. However, you should always choose one of the best plasterers in Essex for this task to make sure that the plaster is applied correctly.

It is Free From Condensation

You can eliminate condensation on the walls of your house by using lime to plaster them. Lime can therefore fight with molds, and can stop them from spreading, resulting in healthier and stronger walls. This is also connected with less chances of respiratory diseases like asthma and others due to cleaner and healthier indoors.

Helps Walls Stay Strong For Longer

Lime is made of very small particles which help it stick to the walls of your house really well a d bind them strongly together. This ultimately increases the strength of your house’s walls and keeps them strong for a long time.