Becoming a content creator may sound like a dream job but the truth of the situation is that the job requires you to handle a lot of different areas that you might not be all that familiar with at the end of the day. You see, if you upload content regularly then you need to try and monetize that content, and this means more than just earning the ad revenue. Most of the time this ad revenue really won’t be all that much and it certainly won’t allow you to maintain a proper studio, an editor and other staff as well as maintain a good quality lifestyle for yourself. You need to try and develop an alternative source of income as well. Something that will supplement that ad revenue that you would definitely be getting on a regular basis.

One of the most common ways for content creators to try and earn a little bit of extra money involves selling t shirts. You see, fans generally tend to be quite interested in buying merch from creators that they are interested in, and this means that they would want to buy t shirts from you since this is the most functionally useful item that can be purchased in this regard.

If your t shirt has the right kind of logo and branding on it, it could end up selling far more than your wildest dreams. This will give you a massive amount of profit thereby leading to more potential for you to expand your operation. If you don’t know how to get t shirts made, try looking into which is a website that specializes in this sort of thing.