Visiting a dermatologist is probably the best thing you’ll do to get your acne and other skin related problems solved in a professional way, but if you’ve never visited some of best dermatologist Singapore, things can get really confusing for you.

Here are some things that you can expect on your first dermatologist visit. This will help you prepare for the visit in a proper way, and get ready for what’s to come.

Arrange Your Medical History

Like with every other routine visit to your general physician, the dermatologist would also ask about your medical history on your first visit. So, it’ll be a better option for you to prepare your medical history by writing down any prescriptions that you’re already taking, and any other disease that you might have.

Taking a good look at your medical history, the dermatologist would be in a better position to detect the root cause of your disease, and will be able to easily treat your problem without experimenting.

Expect to Be Checked Thoroughly

Regardless of what you booked the appointment for, the dermatologist, on your first visit, would conduct a thorough check on your skin to see if you have any other problems, like chronic skin diseases that can grow silently.

That is why you’d never be scared if the dermatologist runs other tests on your first visit.

Get Ready to Receive a Warm Welcome

The staff and the dermatologists themselves are usually very polite and cooperative, especially on your first visit, they’ll treat you with utmost respect to win your heart and make you a regular customer, after all, who doesn’t want to be treated with some respect!

Also, it is most likely that the dermatologist would hand you a prescription on the first visit, don’t be afraid, make regular appointments if anything is detected to get it treated as soon as possible.