Magic: The Gathering is a fantasy card game with over fifteen thousand, four hundred cards. All these cards have their own unique nature and abilities and each card has a different reaction to different spells. Describing only this much tells us just how complex the nature of this game is.

This is one of the rare card games that have gained millions of players without their being any online version of it. This is because the currently used gaming motherboard cannot handle the variables this game has. Due to its complex nature and heavy load, the motherboard is unable to process the game without any lagging.

The research team that tried to create a digital online game believes that with how many possible outcomes the card game has, a computer cannot comprehend and handle it. The game requires speed and efficiency, which a computer cannot provide to the players. Each spell has a different effect on each card and how the spell is used also matters to all the layers. The game has is more than just spells and fantasy; it has mathematics and other strategic skills involved in it too.

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This card games involves a lot of engagement of all the players, which is why many would prefer face to face interaction instead of online gaming. As the game is already very complex and detailed, playing it physically will make it easier to understand the game.

When you look at it from this perspective, playing Magic: The Gathering physically has its own value and specialty. Worldwide, more than two billion cards have been printed till now and millions of people play it.