Just because it looks very easy when your hairdresser blow-dries your hair at the local salon, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have the same experience when you do it on your own at home. Hairstylists have many years of experience under their belt, and they have performed the same grooming routines on thousands of clients. So it might look mundane to you when you think of blow drying your hair, but you would be highly susceptible to committing mistakes. This heated tool can not only damage your hair if you use it for prolonged period of time, but it can also cause other collateral damage if proper techniques are not executed.

Most styling experts recommend using square-shaped or angled combs during the blow-drying process, because the rounded ones can affect the texture of your hair. Many beginners don’t realize that they hold the blow-dryer too close to their scalp, which in turn leaves the scalp itchy and dry. Make sure to maintain a certain amount of distance between your head and the gadget so that you can get productive results. Your hair follicles are under great stress when you blow warm air over your scalp for prolonged period of time; make sure to only use it for a few minutes.

Utilize the natural process of drying up your hair through air, this way you would not have to entirely depend on the warm air produced by the styling gadget. You have to add these tips to your grooming routine and don’t forget to dry your hair after your shower or bath. Rather than starting from the roots, it is always better to blow dry from the end-tips so that you can avail max benefits. Sectioning off your hair would also make your styling phase much easier.