Not all jobs were made so that people would just sit around and do the same thing all day regardless of any other responsibilities that they might have been hoping to deal with. The thing about some workplaces is that they put a lot of stock in other things such as creativity, and if you want to make sure that your employees are creative then you might want to consider looking into being creative yourself as well with regards to the kinds of facilities you provide to them.

What we are basically saying is that most people that work in the kinds of agencies that require creativity would want to move around a bit. They would not want to be sitting down all day. Sometimes the best work that you end up doing happens to get done while you are standing up and this is mostly because of the fact that you are a great deal more energized when you are on your feet rather than sitting in the same place for long periods of time during which you would probably end up with a headache and would subsequently not get nearly as much work done as you were supposed to all in all.

Now, there is a way in which you as the owner of an agency like this could potentially end up inspiring a great deal of creativity among your employees, and we are of course talking about getting them some standing desks that they can use on a regular basis. These standing desks tend to be effective at helping employees get their creative juices flowing, and is a great website where you can buy standing desks that would help you out.