If you ever find yourself in Eugene, Oregon and you need to host a large business or casual gathering, then we would recommend you try and get a booking at the Oregon Electric Station. This is one hell of a restaurant that can host and cater to an insanely large numbers of people and do it very well. You will find that it is one of the best options for hosting an event, be it a business casual event and mixer, or if it is a cocktail party that you want to host. This restaurant works and their catering is amazing as well.

You will have to go above and beyond regular guest lists to not be able to get accommodated by the Oregon Electric Station. You can fit in anywhere from about a party of 10 people to 300 people if you want to have a buffet style dinner where everyone sits and chats, and if you want an open floor cocktail party then the number that can be accommodated goes up all the way to 600 people who can be fit here with ease.

The ambiance of this place can work for anybody as its unique style is very fun for any time of day. Be it a lunch gathering or a dinner party, you can host it here very easily. As far as the food is concerned, you will find that there is a bit of something for everybody. With a world over styled menu, you will be able to enjoy many different styles of cuisines, and all of it will be prepared by experts. Highly recommended options are their prime steaks, the huge variety of pastas on offer, and even their vegetable dishes and entrees. This is the best event space Eugene has to offer.