Tennis is a fun game, and you can make it more fun by investing in the right pair of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are specifically more important because they provide you with good support while you are busy making quick moves in the tennis court.

Choosing the right pair of tennis shoes is all about considering your specific style of play and the court surface. Here are some nice tips that you can follow.


Before buying a pair of tennis shoes, you need to know the basic difference between tennis shoes and other footwear. Here is what influences the unique design of the tennis shoes we use these days.

  • Quick and lateral movements put a lot of strain on the tennis shoes.
  • Tennis shoes are make flat to increase the surface area in contact with the court, and the specific designs on the sole of shoe are influenced by the type of court we’re playing in.
  • Tennis shoes are make sturdy to make playing tennis a unique experience. In the other hand, other shoes are make softer to decrease the weight and add comfort.
  • In contrast to the lateral motion made in tennis by the player, other shoes are designed for the continuous forward motion of the athlete.

Your Playing Style

You can choose the best type of tennis shoe for yourself if you consider your playing style.

Serve and Volley Player

  • This player charges the net
  • Thos player make backward movements more often, putting strain on the toe of the shoe. So, a shoe with durable toe cap is needed.

Baseline Player

  • As the name suggests, this player plays along the back line of the court.
  • For a baseline player, shows with extra lateral support are needed.
  • Constant lateral motion requires the sole to be durable.

You can explore more about the different types of tennis shoes before buying a pair to get the most out of your investment.