While mulching can definitely help with the growth of plants and trees in your yard, doing it the wrong way can do more harm than good with your yard. Many homeowners just pour out mulch on their yard without reading any tutorial, and make several mistakes which they eventually regret later on.

So, if you want the best out of mulching, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Do Not Pile It Up

Nutrients aren’t the only thing trees need ro grow properly, they also need oxygen, water, and light. So, do not suffocate your trees with piles of mulch laying around them.

If you start making mulch volcanoes around trees, they will deprive the roots of much needed oxygen, will serve as a safe haven for insects, and will also avoid the roots from getting appropriate quantity of water. This whole environment can encourage disease growth.

So, stop making mulch values around trees, and only spread out the needed quantity on the ground to provide an appropriate balance of water, oxygen, nutrients, and light for your trees.

Mulch on The Drip Line As Well

If you watch trees closely during rainy times, you’ll notice that the water drips of the outermost limbs of trees. If you draw a circle by follow that area on the ground, that’s the drip line. You shouldn’t miss out on that area when mulching, because most of the roots of trees are in that circle rather than directly below the tree trunk.

Make Appropriately Thick Layers Only

If you’re applying a loose mulch, you should only apply them in layers one to three inches in thickness. If you apply an overly thick layer of mulch around your trees, you trees will suffer from the same problems as making a volcano around it. You should also check mulching trees housesumo blog to study more about mulching.